The Career Institute Law Enforcement Training Center (Canada)

The Career Institute main offices are located in Middle, Tennessee with partner instructors across America and now in Canada.

The Career Institute is a United States based school with International affiliates that offers worldwide instruction in law enforcement, criminal investigation, private investigation, security, and first aid.

Established in 1999, the Career Institute maintains a virtual police academy that offers criminal investigation and other important certification that is valuable for opportunities and advancement in the ever growing high tech fields of homeland security, private security, private investigation and law enforcement. Instructor Jim Gibbs is licensed by the Tennessee Protective Services Division as a state certified trainer.

Our objective is to provide an affordable solution to certification needs. Certification has become important in the job market and even more valuable and necessary with each passing day.

Our courses provide a useful alternative. Prepared by leaders in their respective fields, and often transferable to select colleges for credit if desired, the career courses at the Career Institute are powerful tools for those seeking employment or promotion. The Career Institute Center is recognized by several colleges and universities, which offer advanced college degrees.

The Law Enforcement/Security Certification is taught by a state certified Peace Officers Standards and Training Instructor. School Director and Head Instructor, Jim Gibbs, is licensed by the Tennessee Protective Services Division as a state certified trainer of armed security officers including police baton, chemical sprays and Taser. Jim Gibbs has been certified by the Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission since 1977 as a police instructor and has held teaching credentials in the State of Nevada for adult vocational education in law enforcement. Jim Gibbs was also the training manager for Wackenhut Security Services in Nashville. He had 500 officers in Nashville of which 75 were armed. They contracted with Nashville and maintained security including the metal detector services for all the courts and government offices.

Mr. Gibbs is also certified by both the Red Cross and the American Health and Safety Institute to teach First Aid, CPR and AED. The Career Institute is an authorized AHSI Training Center. Departments in Middle Tennessee can arrange their First Aid, CPR and AED training by contacting The Career Institute.

Jim Gibbs first entered law enforcement in the San Francisco Bay area of California in 1966. Mr. Gibbs Graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a bachelor of arts degree in criminal justice. Attended an additional two years of undergraduate work at Weber State College majoring in Law Enforcement and participated in first year of graduate studies pursuing a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Jim attended numerous academies and schools with emphasis on law enforcement, law, adult education, and real estate. Jim Gibbs graduated valedictorian from the Reno Nevada Police Academy and from the Utah Peace Officers’ Standards and Training Instructors’ School. Graduated from Professional Career Development Institute of Norcross, Georgia as a Certified Para-Legal with specialties in Civil Litigation and Real Estate. Jim Gibbs has taught at two major Universities. Along with his Instructor duties at the Career Institute he is also currently a constable in the jurisdiction of Cannon County Tennessee, USA.

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Richard Johns
is an associate instructor in Canada. He is a recognized United States Police Defensive Tactics Association Instructor, is a licensed Instructor of the Saskatchewan Justice Department's required Security Officer Course, is a certified PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor, has attended seminars hosted by FBI Agents and is the owner of Lionheart Security Consulting & Tactical Training.