At present Richard is a Law Enforcement Officer just outside of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. He is also an active Auxiliary RCMP Constable and is the Owner/Chief Instructor of Lionheart Tactical Training, which he started to help people better protect themselves in the dangerous times we live in. Prior to being in law enforcement Richard was a Corrections Officer at a Maximum Security Youth Corrections Facility, was the Supervisor of Security Operations for the largest 2 storey shopping center in Saskatchewan, was a licensed private investigator and owned a private security and investigation business.

He completed the Saskatoon Police Services Community Police Academy in 2007, has a diploma in Police Sciences and Adult Psychology, Firearms Training, has several courses from the Career Institute Law Enforcement Center and then became an Instructor for the school. He belongs to several Law Enforcement Training Associations and has attended seminars hosted by FBI Agents, RCMP and other police departments. He has gone on ride along’s with numerous police services including the Las Vegas Police Department, Detroit Police Department, Walla Walla Sheriff’s Department, Modesto Police Department as well as with an Officer on the SWAT team with the New Smyrna Beach Police Department. He also has done 90 hours of officer exchange with the Colville Tribal Police Department in Washington. He has toured many detention centers and training facilities and has visited with other Police Departments all over the world including the Budapest Police Department in Hungary. He also had the privilege to do a fly along with the Saskatoon Police Services Air Patrol Unit. He was also honored to be announced as the International Auxiliary Police Association Section Leader in Canada.

Richard is also a recognized United States Police Defensive Tactics Association Instructor, is a licensed Instructor of both the Saskatchewan Justice Department Policing Services Division and the Justice Institute of British Columbia’s Police Academy required Security Training Course’s, is a certified in Raven Tactical International POST Certified S.A.B.E.R. Tactical Duty Knife and Edged Weapons Survival Instructor, PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor and has just become an Instructor of the new Mace® PepperGun™. He has met renowned Bodyguard, Instructor and author, David Lamonte Himmelheber, Muhammad Ali's former bodyguard, with whom he took a course on the art of being a bodyguard and is a full Instructor in Sifu John Lopez's Survival Solutions Offensive Fighting Tactics - Jeet Kune Do Concepts - and Instructor in Jeet Kune Do under Joaquim Almeria who trained under Dan Inosanto. He has also had the privilege to train with Jesse Glover, Bruce Lee’s first student, James DeMile, one of Bruce Lee’s original students and Steve Smith Inheritor of the styles of Fook Yueng. Fook Yueng was a mentor/instructor of Bruce Lee from 1959 to about 1966 Richard also had the opportunity to make sure that escape routes were clear on the property where former President Bill Clinton's emergency vehicles were parked at a conference that was being held in his city and members of his security team were asked to help provided traffic control, to allow the former President's motorcade an easy departure from the site. While Supervisor of Security Operations for the largest 2 storey shopping center in Saskatchewan, his security team assisted City Police and RCMP and helped with many situations including stopping a counterfeit money operation that was working in their city. He also help provided security for the 2010 Olympic torch when it passed through Westbank First Nation lands. He has had several news stories and articles done on him and is highly respected in the security and law enforcement field.

He has given speeches to First Nation Chiefs, high ranking Police Officers and Government Officials at a national and international level with regards to law enforcement issues.

Richard has received the honorary name "Ming Zhi Zhan Shi" which means "Wise Warrior", has received the Bronze Medal of Honor for Courage from the International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association, was awarded the “Grandmaster of the Year” from the Bushi-kai International Association, was awarded the "Hall of Fame Instructor of the Year", "Weapons Instructor of the Year" and “Law Enforcement Instructor of the Year” from the VKA Association and received the LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) Award for his "high training standards, integrity and style" from Bill Keefer, retired Deputy U.S. Marshal. He was also asked by Mr. Keefer to take over as. President of the Fraternal Order of Law Enforcement Association and was asked by Mr. Ron Casto, President of the International Jeet Kune Do Association, to be a member of its Board of Directors.