Richard Johns had a private investigating and security guard business that was in operation for over 5 years in which time he acquired the security of three major hotels, two of Saskatoon’s largest shopping malls, Saskatoon Transit Main Terminal, STC Provincial Bus Terminal, large professional golf courses, three large security monitoring stations with over 5000 clients, security for several large office buildings, supplied guards to provide security for ATM's in Saskatoon and surrounding cities when being repaired, three major truck stops, the entire Corman Industrial Park area, performed security duties for five large property management companies, security for TV and movie companies when filming in Saskatoon, and did security work for dozens of other clients. He also did work for the Government of Canada at election time by watching over voting stations in Saskatoon and provided trained security personal for the transportation of the ballots to the proper authorities. He provided personal security for political figures who were concerned for their safety. Other services that he performed were security for large functions, such as rave dances, with crowds ranging from 200-1000 people. He was licensed as a private investigator and personally handled the company K-9 Unit and the Mobile Bike Patrol. He had several marked and well-equipped mobile units that provided alarm response and mobile checks to his ever-growing client list. He took a proactive approach to security, unlike most that took a reactive one. His guards would find a door open and secure it first, instead of reporting that something has been stolen because a door had been left open. This meant he found problems before they happened and then found solutions to them, the result was better protection of the client's property and investments. He made sure all his guards had Certified Handcuff Training, Dye Witness Spray Training, Self Defense Training, CPR, First Aid, attended Street Gang and Schizophrenia Seminars, had proper equipment, uniforms and work ethics. He made sure all new guards had proper work site orientation and had them train with experienced guards. He would personally see his clients on a monthly bases to ensure their needs and concerns were being met. He made his company into one of the most respected security companies in Saskatoon with a large and highly respected client list in a short period of time. This was because he believed in 100% customer satisfaction.