We have a very high degree of professionalism that has been proven by our past history in the law enforcement field.

We provide the following services:

Law Enforcement Training:
- Justice Institute of British Columbia Security Training
- Saskatchewan Justice Department Security Training
- MACE / OC Spray Gun Training
- OC Spray Training
- S.A.B.E.R. Edged Weapon Survival
- S.A.B.E.R. Tactical Duty Knife
- Tactical Baton Training
- Tactical Handcuff Training
- Tactical Flashlight Training
- Gun Retention Training
- PPCT Defensive Tactics Training
- Law Enforcement Seminars
- Security Officer Training

Martial Arts Training:
- Jeet Kune Do Concepts -Survival Solutions -
- Urban/Street Tactical Training
- Women's Self-Defense Training
- Children's Self-Defense Training
- Senior's Self-Defense Training
- Bullying, Drug Awareness, Alcohol Awareness Seminars